Frequently Asked Questions


         Where are you based?

Jonny Back is based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, but happily travels anywhere he is needed!

How will you photograph our day?

Jonny Back is a professional photographer who will capture your day as it unfolds. He employs a fly-on-the-wall style but is also on hand to help to pose your guests for any formal group photographs and the photographs of just the pair of you. This allows you to spend more of your day with your friends and family and enjoying your special day.

Can we have formal group photographs?

Of course! In order to keep your day flowing we do recommend keeping these to up to 10 groups which would take between 20 and 25 minutes to complete. We will be able to help you with organising these photographs before and on the day to make sure that this section of the day is relaxed, fun and correctly timetabled.

How many photographs do you take?

Although it varies depending on which you package you go for, roughly 400-600 will be presented on your Online Gallery and we will send you Full-resolution individually edited photograph (full quality) files for you to keep and print from as you wish.

What happens if you are ill on the day?

Firstly it is worth mentioning that this has never happened before! Nevertheless Jonny always has a contingency plan in place regardless. We have colleagues who we would contact in case of illness, there are 4 other professional photographers who we would call up as a first port of call who Jonny has worked with before and know his style. Basically we would do everything that we could to fill the space, this is also stated in the wedding contract.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have Professional Photography Equipment Insurance and Public Liability Insurance. We take your wedding booking very seriously and make sure that we cover all the bases that we can think off such as back up cameras, lenses and photographers.

How many photographs do we get?

All of the images on your private Online Gallery will be sent to you as Full-resolution individually edited photograph (full quality) files for you to keep and print from as you wish.

From this selection your album, if you have chosen to have one, will be designed. As a guide, the Coffee Table Book albums contain 100-150 photographs. The design is sent to you to check before it is sent off to print.

Can we keep the photograph files?

Yes, the photographs are yours to keep for ever. Every package includes the photograph files that will allow you to print from them without quality-loss issues.


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