The Art Of Group Shots

Photographing groups is definitely is an art.

Finlay Mackay’s promo photograph for this year’s Royal Ascot race is a bit good!

Even more impressive when you see who he has arranged int the photo, to name but a few…
Ronnie Corbett, Cilla Black, The Duke of Devonshire, Lisa Snowdon, Bruce Forsyth and Frankie Dettori.

Finlay Mackay show that there is more to it than just bunching everyone together…

Philosopher Julian Baggini was quoted in the Guardian last week and summarises it well.

“…the gap between what you can do and what a professional can do has shrunk. Actually, though, what it has done is raise the level of mediocrity, while leading us into more mediocrity… Digital cameras are the perfect example, they enable us to do something much better than we once could – but we’re still not there. We still can’t take pictures like professional photographers.”

One day I hope I can take group shots as well as Finlay Mackay, I know it’s certainly not just about having the gear!

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