Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you based?

Jonny Back is based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, but happily travels anywhere he is needed! All packages include transport up to 20 miles radius (20 miles there and 20 miles back) from the studio.


Where can we have a session?

There are a few options, at the photographic studio in Greenford, at your home or out and about at a park, or elsewhere. Coming to the studio is recommended as it allows for a mix of studio photography and out on a woodlands walk is the weather permits.


How long will the session last?

If it is not in the studio in Greenford, allow for 30 minutes to set up and get a feel for the location, and after that usually 2 hours is enough time to capture you all at your best.


What should we wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in. I would advise going for tops without big text or logos on (eg. a GAP hoody). Clashing patterns and tones are best avoided too. Bright colours but clothes that you are comfy in is best. It is best to bring a few different options along to the sessions, so that the photographs have variety.


Will our photographs Photoshopped?

All of the photographs are individually edited and tweaked to make them shine, having said that, Jonny is not a fan of major Photoshop changes that give an unnatural feel.


When and how can we see the photographs?

Editing takes a few weeks after the initial shoot. Then your photographs go online on your private gallery and from there you can decide on which package and extras to go for. Basically you have your session and then decide afterwards what you would like to pay for, the only obligation is to choose one of the Portrait packages.


How many photographs do we get?

It depends on how many prints you order and if you decide to buy the disc of the session. Your Online gallery will have the best photographs from the session with a few options for each scene or group. What is on the Online Gallery will be what is on your final disc.


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