Googling my way to fame!

One of the biggest challenges for me as a business is to get myself higher up the Google list for wedding photography.

It’s alright somebody Googling “Jonny Back” but it’s the people who don’t know me who are likely to search for wedding photographers in their area. I’ve been trying to get higher up the pecking order for “wedding photography ealing” recently and I am happy to say that I am on the third page!

I’m on the first page for St Albans having come from that neck of the woods and having spent a lot of time tweaking my site’s SEO, keywords, titles and overall design (with lots of help – thanks to d3i and Richard Lalchan in particular here).

It’s all about getting you website to be Google friendly and there are all sorts of mysteries about the best way to do this, for example, getting up there for “wedding photography london” is even harder as there are 4 million sites for this term, all trying to be top.

I know this is a very geeky blog but I thought I would share some of the not-so-photographic things that are involved with being a photographer these days!

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