New Galleries

Great news for everybody who found the galleries for buying prints from my website a bit clunky.

We have a new design and layout, a much better shopping, sharing and viewing experience.

Some of the new features…
– Slideshows to view the images fullscreen.
– Create your own favourites so you can make your own selections of photographs.
– Shopping carts that can be saved and added to later.
– Sharing of the gallery or individual photographs by email, Facebook and Twitter.
– There’s even an option to buy the files to download and print yourselves.

All in all a big improvement.

Below is a sneak preview…






Googling my way to fame!

One of the biggest challenges for me as a business is to get myself higher up the Google list for wedding photography.

It’s alright somebody Googling “Jonny Back” but it’s the people who don’t know me who are likely to search for wedding photographers in their area. I’ve been trying to get higher up the pecking order for “wedding photography ealing” recently and I am happy to say that I am on the third page!

I’m on the first page for St Albans having come from that neck of the woods and having spent a lot of time tweaking my site’s SEO, keywords, titles and overall design (with lots of help – thanks to d3i and Richard Lalchan in particular here).

It’s all about getting you website to be Google friendly and there are all sorts of mysteries about the best way to do this, for example, getting up there for “wedding photography london” is even harder as there are 4 million sites for this term, all trying to be top.

I know this is a very geeky blog but I thought I would share some of the not-so-photographic things that are involved with being a photographer these days!

Getting Around To Printing Your Photographs

Friends are often asking me where there should print their albums and prints when they finally get round to making albums of their photographs.

There is a new-to-the-UK printers called Pinhole Press who definitely get my stamp of approval. Their products are beautifully printed on their eggshell archival paper with a lovely textural feel and lustre finish. Check a few of their products below but you really have to see and feel the quality for yourselves to be converted.




The prices are competitive with Photobooks starting at around £30, the prices are in dollars at the moment, but hopefully that will change soon, as they are new to the UK. My favourite product has to be this 13-photograph day planner which costs £50 and there are cheaper smaller versions.







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A Visionary: Steve Jobs

It felt wrong doing much work today before I shared my thoughts on the sad news of Steve Jobs passing. Let’s face it, I couldn’t do my editing work today without his products anyway!

The face of technology and the ease with how we deal with it in our lives has changed because of him. Regardless of whether you are a Apple fan, he raised the bar. He truly had a vision to perfect and let creativity and useability grow in a market that did not take these two things at all seriously enough.

Below is a rough timeline of the Apple products that I have been lucky enough to own.

Bye Bye Banners

The carefully crafted banners on the blog page are no more. Ditched in favour of ease of posting. Hopefully meaning more frequent more real and more of-the-moment blogs.

Yes, you can quote me on that!

Here is a sneak preview of an exhibition I have been working on this week at St Albans Cathedral. They will all be shots of the Abbey. Hopefully showing details of the place that people wouldnt always notice simply because of the spectacle of the place.

The modest joint exhibition starts Friday 25 Feb in the cafe at St Albans Cathedral. Pop in of you can…

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