Backing Up Your Photos

Backing up photos on hard drives may be getting cheaper, but it’s still a hassle and long term project to keep on top of.

Here’s a free solution that you can just setup once and let it do the leg work for you…

Flickr now offers a whole terabyte of free online storage, 1TB is 1000GB so that’s a lot of photos!

By default the photos will be private, with the copyright remaining yours, so only you can see the shots.

One of the best things about it is ‘Flickr Uploadr’, which is a free little program that uploads any new shots automatically when you download them from your phone or camera. (It keeps them private by default too).

It may take a while to upload the initial batch of photos, but the will be very quick for future uploads. Even if you have your photos backed up on an external hard drive, you may as well set this up as it’s free and every time you download photos to your computer they will get backed up. It is free and from Yahoo too so it would take a fairly epic string of hard drive fails before you lost your photos!

In case you are wondering, I have more than 1TB of photos so have to use hard drives for my photos, I have back ups of back ups, spread over different locations to cover most possible disasters! I do use Flickr for the photos I take on my phone though and it works seamlessly.







Camera Buying Guide


I often get asked what camera to get to get into photography, here are some ideas…I always suggest SLR cameras but are some great compact cameras and bridge cameras (a mix of SLR and compact) nowadays. The main battle in the SLR world is Canon vs Nikon still, with Sony and Panasonic making in-roads, especially for the not-quite-SLR-but-similar options.

In terms of price, £400 will get you a decent entry-level SLR. But if you are after something small enough to fit in your pocket, you can actually spend more than you would on a budget SLR to get something with similar quality. But a Canon Powershot is a decent compact camera at a decent price.

Another option is a Bridge camera; which basically is a SLR with a non-detachable lens. They usually have super long zoom lenses but you can’t buy specialist lenses as you are stuck with the one on the camera. These are called all sorts of things, but the one below is a ‘bridge camera’, it’s the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000.

So, in no particular order here are a mix of SLRs, bridge and compact cameras; each has a link to a review on and a link to Wex which is a good place to buy, but Amazon and John Lewis are a couple of other places to check for prices.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.37.10Nikon D3300

Jonny Back & Sons Ltd.

Super excited to announce the latest edition to the team!

Oliver Ethan Back.

Emily and I are super blessed to have this little champ who was two months old yesterday.

Bump On Tour!

Very exciting news this end… Baby Back is on his way!

Emily and I are expecting our first baby any minute so here are some shots of our road trip around Europe over the summer. Plus a shot of Emily, the excited Mum-to-be at the end too!

Trip Down Memory Lane



Had a great ‘before and after’ on a recent shoot, as we went back to the church that Michael and Hannah got married in to photograph them with Ivy, their first child. Really fun shoot, above is the ‘before’ and below is the after along with a few other favourites…










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