Wedding Show This Weekend

Just a quick note to say that we will be exhibiting Kensington Wedding Show at the Royal Garden Hotel this Sunday so do come along or send anyone who might be interested.

Further information can be found on the show website here.

Getting Back Into The Habit

Here are a few shots taken in Italy a couple of weekends ago, I would be interested to see how you might take them differently. Would you have gone for a different composition or different camera settings?

It’s been a while since I photographed out and about without being a ‘on a job’, so I was a bit rusty and found I took less shots than normal so I must have missed a lot of potential photographs.

My homework is to take more photographs!

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Epic Photoshopping

Panoramas are harder than they may seem when you are photographing big files.

I took this panoramic shot over 24 photos. All the shots were manually exposed the same to avoid the classic error of having different coloured skies.

After my computer collapsing at the thought of the job all in one go, I went for merging 3 separate strips to give it a chance, and eventually I stitched the 3 rows together manually as Photoshop’s automated Photo Merge was having none of it when I asked it to stitch the 3 rows together on its own.

The result is as follows;

Please do click to enlarge it in a separate window.

Top 5 Photographers

Obviously a completely subjective topic but these photographers are in my top five.

  • Henri-Cartier Bresson
  • Jeff Wall
  • Andreas Gursky
  • Eugene Atget
  • Edward Weston

Now before we get on to the order or who you’d put in your top 5, here’s the reasons that they are in mine…

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Testing The Water

Here goes then, this blog is showcase my latest photography and also be a growing collections of discoveries in photography, design and all things Apple, which is the operating system that I work and edit on. Finally every so often I will include other peoples’ work which pushes me to get better!

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