Backing up photos on hard drives may beĀ getting cheaper, but it’s still a hassle and long term project to keep on top of.

Here’s a free solution that you can just setup once and let it do the leg work for you…

Flickr now offers a whole terabyte of free online storage, 1TB is 1000GB so that’s a lot of photos!

By default the photos will be private, with the copyright remaining yours, so only you can see the shots.

One of the best things about it is ‘Flickr Uploadr’, which is a free little program that uploads any new shots automatically when you download them from your phone or camera. (It keeps them private by default too).

It may take a while to upload the initial batch of photos, but the will be very quick for future uploads. Even if you have your photos backed up on an external hard drive, you may as well set this up as it’s free and every time you download photos to your computer they will get backed up. It is free and from Yahoo too so it would take a fairly epic string of hard drive fails before you lost your photos!

In case you are wondering, I have more than 1TB of photos so have to use hard drives for my photos, I have back ups of back ups, spread over different locations to cover most possible disasters! I do use Flickr for the photos I take on my phone though and it works seamlessly.







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